AX automobile transport

Number in Class 22
Number group 1 - 22
Construction period 1958 - 1961
In service 1963 - end
1979 recode VMAX
Where built Nth Melb. W/shops
PJV webpage
Built as AA recoded to AF in 1961 and then to AX 1963 - 1965. By the late 70's there were several AX's in dedicated Motorail transport where a passenger on the Vinelander or Overland could take their car with them, the rest of the class were in general finished automobile transport from Melbourne to Sydney and Adelaide. 8 cars could be carried.

VMAX 4 at Albury, Nov. 1980.

AX 11 at Spencer St. pass. yard. Oct 14 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

AX 11 at Spencer St pass yard, 1979.

VMAX 13 at Albury Aug. 1983.

VMAX 16 at Albury, Aug 1983.

ABOVE & BELOW: AX 8 being loaded at Mildura, circa early 1970s.
photo courtesy Phil Jeffery

ABOVE & BELOW, AF's 6 and 20 at Sth Dynon bogie exchange, April 1963
Official VR photos

Looks like the finishing touches are being applied to AA 2 probably at Nth Melb workshops, circa 1958.

AA3 in service circa 1962

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