QB boiler/flat wagon

Number in Class 13
Number group 1 - 13
Construction period 1902 - 1925
In service 1902 -
1979 recode VWAA
Where built Newport
Modeling SEM has a supurb etched brass kit
The VR diagram book referred to these wagons as being for loco boiler transport, in service they were simply a heavy duty flat wagon capable of carrying unusual loads. In the 70's I saw them carrying very large rolls of cable in drums, these drums were too high to be carried on regular flat wagons but the depressed centre of the QB meant that the load stayed within the loading gauge

QB 12, above & below, was a different design to the rest of the class

QB 8 loaded with a damaged BC 12, Oct. 10 1933. Note the diamond frame bogies.
Photographer unknown

QB 7 at Newmarket 1978

QB 9 at Morwell, Oct 1976
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

QB 2 at Albury, April 1979
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

QB 2 loaded with the remains of one of the S class diesels involved in the Southern Aurora smash, Feb. 1969. Note the diamond frame bogies
Official VR photograph

2 QB's carrying a part for a gantry crane in the electric crane area of Melb yard. July 10 1972
Official VR photo PR6421

QB 10 still in service for a private operator and now classed ZWAY at Bunyip March 2004Photo courtesy Geoff Baxter

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