U (1467 - 1796)

Number in Class 330
Number group 1467 - 1796
Construction period 1956 - 1958
In service 1956 - early 80's
Where built Bendigo
Diagram General arrangement
Modeling SDS do a great HO scale ready to run model.
The final group of U's were of vastly different construction to earlier U's, the lourve style was taken from the bogie VF vans. This series all had lever handbrakes

U 1504 at Murchison East, Feb 20 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

ABOVE: U 1560 at Castlemaine March 1978, note the full row of end lourves comapared to the photo below.

ABOVE U 1656, photographed 1978.

BELOW: handbrake detail U 1796

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