DERM railmotors
RM 63 at Sth Dynon, 1979.
Number in Class 10
Number group 55 - 64
Construction period 1928 - 1931
In service 1928 - 1991
Where built Newport
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VR's most successful railmotor to date, proven by their 63 year lifespan. Several railmotor types were tried over the years but a successful railmotor would elude the VR until this design, from the U.S. was put into service. The first one was assembled at Newport from parts provided by the St Louis Car Company in 1928. VR then built 9 copies.
They were originally driven by petrol engines and at that time called "PERMs" Petrol Electric Rail Motors. In 1952 they were fitted with 2 x General Motors 6 cylinder diesel engines and henceforth called "DERMs" Diesel Electric Rail Motor. In the late 70's RM 55 and RM 61 were extensively modified.

BELOW: RM 57 is as built condition
Photo from the State Library of Victoria collection

RM 57 at Benalla loco depot June 8 1937, at the time it was running the Benalla to Yarrawonga service.

Undated photo of RM 62 at Spencer Street.

No 2 end of RM 63 at Sth Dynon, 1979

RM 63 at Sunbury Oct 1985

The above photo shows a pretty much original condition PERM, note the bogies compared to other photos, also not that at this time RM 55 is only for second class passengers, the photo below shows the second type of bogies they recieved. The photo below shows 55 in its rebuilt state.

RM 55 and 61 were extensively rebuilt in 1978, these photos show RM 55 in its rebuilt state.

RM 64 at Yarrawonga, Jan 28 1947

RM 57 at Newport workshops, May 1981

RM 56 at Bendigo, 1978

RM 64 at Sth Dynon, 1980

The photo below is from the April 1971 VR Newsletter

The article below is from the October 1952 VR Newsletter

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