DRC railmotors
Number in Class 4
Number group 40 - 43
Construction period 1971 - 1973
In service 1971 - 1994
Where built Tulloch N.S.W.
DRC 42 at Sth Dynon August 1982
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan
The first two, 40 & 41, were purchased new from Tulloch in 1971. (DRC 40 arrived Melbourne on SG May 18 1971) 42 & 43 were purchased second hand from the New South Wales PTC where they had run as PCH 1224 and PCH 1227, they entered VR service in August and December 1975 . They were the first railmotor to be airconditioned. D.R.C. stood for Diesel Rail Car.

They tended to be used on longer distance runs such as Ararat to Portland and Ballarat to Donald where their air conditioning would have been much appreciated in summer. Unfortunately they had a reputation for being quite unreliable, during my time at Ararat they were replaced by buses or a loco hauled train more often than not.

DRC 40 in the garish V/Line color scheme, April 1984
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

ABOVE: DRC 43 (ex NSW PTC) at Newport workshops, note the different heaqdlight housing. Sept. 11 1981
BELOW: DRC 43 at Spencer St in the V/Line colour scheme, August 1984.
Photo below courtesy Rob O'Regan

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The article below is from the June 1971 VR Newsletter

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