Leyland railmotors
Leyland No 51 in an undated photo
Officially called "Double Ended railmotor" as they were equipped with Leyland engines they were known by that name. They are known to have run services to Echuca, Cohuna, Whittlesea and Tallangatta. It appears that the arrival of the Walker railmotors led to their demise in 1954. VR built 2 similar railmotors for Tasmania in 1925.
The Central Highlands Tourist Railway is rebuilding RM 53 at Daylesford
Number in Class 4
Number group 51 - 54
Construction period 1925-1926
In service 1925 - 1954
Where built Newport

Leyland No 52, Unknown location and date. (probably Echuca)

Leyland No 51 at Traralgon, May 29 1933

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