VAM steel sleeping car

VAM 1 at Spencer Street pass yard Oct 1977
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

Number in class 1
Number group 1
Construction period 1963
In service 1963 - 1983
Where built Newport workshops
Built to add sleeping car capacity to the "Spirit ofProgress" on the the Melb - Canberra and Melb - Sydney service. The code came from AM being a NSW code for a sleeping car with a V added to it denoting Victorian ownership. As a "composite car" its sleeping compartments could operate as a normal compartment sitting car. At some time before the mid 1970's VAM 1 was put on broad gauge and was a regular on The Vinelander at least through the late 1970's. It was recoded to SZ 287 in 1983

VAM 1 under construction at Newport, June 1963
Official VR photo M 9096

Photo date Dec. 1963
Official VR photo

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