ABOVE: S 304 heads a Melbourne Yard to Seymour goods approaches Kilmore East on a hot Saturday afternoon. Nov. 4 1978

ABOVE: X 41 arrives Kilmore East on a down Albury pass 1982.

ABOVE: X 37 - T 376 on an up wheat train at Kilmore East, 1986.

ABOVE: B 76 - A 66 up goods at Kilmore East Oct. 1 1985

ABOVE: X 49 and P 19 on a down Seymour pass. Oct 1 1985

ABOVE: T 411 on an up standard gauge ballast train at Kilmore East. August 1982

ABOVE: An empty "Apex" quarry train leaves the down Broad Gauge mainline at Kilmore East and crosses over the "up" BG mainline and the Standard Gauge line, the quarry loading facility is another 1/2 mile from this point. 1987.

ABOVE: C 508 and a T load the Apex quarry train at Kilmore East, (The Apex Quarry siding is a short distance north of Kilmore East on the east side of the North East mainline) 1988

ABOVE: When this photo was taken, every B class that hadn't been converted to an A class was still running, however, the beginning of the end was near. In less than 3 weeks B 67 became the first B class to be withdrawn as a result of the delivery of the N class. Photo date, Oct. 1 1985.Withdrawn Oct. 18 1985. Scrapped April 1988.

ABOVE: B 83 on a very short Melbourne to Seymour goods nears Kilnore East. 1982

Kilmore East was a favourite location for VR publicity photographers to photograph at.

ABOVE: A very new B 69 on the up broad gauge Spirit of Progress at Kilmore East, 1953.
Official VR photo

ABOVE: The famous railway publicity photo showing S 315 on the up Southern Aurora at Kilmore East, 1963
Official VR photo

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