Mansfield diagram 1941

Mansfield line gradiant diagrams

ABOVE: Trawool, looking towards Tallarook, circa 1920.

ABOVE: Granite was a tiny station on the Tallarook to Yea/Mansfield branchline. Dd 541 heads what appears to be a down mixed train, date unknown.

Photo from the Chris Elliot collection

ABOVE: B 66 between Homewood and Yea on an enthusiast special, at Yea the B was replaced by a T class as the train continued on to Cathkin. Jan. 3 1971

BELOW: B 66 after detaching from its train at Yea.
Both photos courtesy Tony Smith

ABOVE: A 153 Walker and trailer stand at the platform at Yea on their journey from Mansfield to Melbourne, Nov. 1954
Official VR photo.

ABOVE: A 280 hp Walker railmotor is seen here crossing the Brankeet Creek bridge approaching Bonnie Doon whilst running an up Mansfield to Spencer Street service.
This is most likely the 7.40 am out of Mansfield which was timetabled out of Bonnie Doon at 8.05 am.
(Bonnie Doon's up home signal can be seen in the extreme right hand part of the photo)
This part of the Mansfield line was re-routed when the Eildon weir was enlarged.
Official VR Photo circa 1952

ABOVE: A 280 Walker on a down Mansfield service approaches the Molesworth tunnel
Official VR Photo circa 1952

ABOVE: The caption on this photo says it was taken on the opening day for trains to Mansfield, the line was officially oppened to traffic on Oct. 6 1891.  Whilst the permanent goods shed was built in time for  the opening, the permanent station buildings replaced the portables shown here in 1911. 

ABOVE: The permanent buildings shown here look like they have just been built which would date the photo circa  1911.

BELOW: A similar view to the two photos above, the scene on Jan 1995. (photo courtesy Weston Langford)


ABOVE: Another view of the new satation buildings at Mansfield looking towards the end of the line, circa 1911.

ABOVE: A 280 Walker prepares to depart Mansfield on the morning service to Melbourne, 1954
Official VR photo

Alexandra branch

Alexandra line gradient diagrams

Alexandra 1949 signalling arrangements

Alexandra 1966 signalling arrangements

ABOVE: Balwin built W 217 on an up pass. at Alexandra Rd. which was re-named Lily in 1909, it eventually became Koriella in 1916.

ABOVE: An up train tops the grade at Victoria gap circa 1910. The road in the foreground is what is now Maroondah Highway.  

ABOVE: Alexandra station
BELOW: The view looking north back towards the junction
Both photos mid 1970's courtesy Stuart Lodington.