1908 signal diagram

ABOVE: A down pass. departs Seymour circa 1905 headed by an A class. The imminent introduction of the mighty A2 class and E passenger cars would mean scenes like this of a U van on a passenger train would become history.

ABOVE: Old A #200 on a morning down Nth East mixed at Seymour circa 1904 (Mortimer Clark collection)

ABOVE:H 220 on an up stock special at Seymour, circa 1950

ABOVE: B 60 on its delivery run from Sydney to Melbourne pauses at Seymour as S 302 passes it on an up train. July 1952 Official VR photo

ABOVE: 2 R's on an enthusiast special at Seymour, April 1972 (photo courtesy Andrew Bau)

ABOVE: T 401 arrives Seymour on a Shepparton to Spencer St pass. 1978

ABOVE: T 401 arrives Seymour on an up Goulburn Valley pass. Jan. 14 1979 ( photo courtesy David Langley)

ABOVE: A N.S.W. 81 class and a V/Line C class on a down standard gauge goods at Seymour platform. Oct. 19 1988

ABOVE: X 40 on the down "Intercapital Daylight" just north of Seymour station, June 5 1976. (photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent)

ABOVE: On the broad gauge track between Tallarook and Seymour there is a short section of single track due to the lack on another bridge over the Goulburn river. Here we see T 358 on a down pass. having just diverged back onto the double track as it arrives at Seymour. (The line on the left is the standard gauge, Melbourne to Sydney line),May 29 1976 (photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent)

ABOVE: : Down trains leaving Seymour faced a 1 in 75 gradient, for a Y class this resulted in a maximum load of 815 ton, after Mangalore a Y could take 1220 tons to Shepparton due to the almost flat terrain. Here we see Y 137 on No 177 Seymour to Shepparton roadside goods being banked up the hill towards Mangalore. Oct 1974, (4 photos courtesy David Langley.)

ABOVE & BELOW: B 74, which was at Seymour waiting to run the Cobram pass was called into action, it would have been a faster trip up the hill than normal as a T class usually got the job. The bridge the train is passing under is the old Hume Highway.

BELOW: After uncoupling from the goods at Mangalore B 74 returns wrong line passing Seymour C box. 

BELOW: To explain the banking procedure for down trains out of Seymour, David Langley has provided the following five photos. The Bank Engine Key, when not in use, was kept in a lock attached to lever 47. When it was required the lever was reversed which locked all signals leading towards the starting signal (the authority to depart Seymour). All photos, July 1975.


ABOVE: Here we see the down Shepparton roadside departing Seymour yard.

ABOVE: Signalman Jim Wall has reversed lever 47 and can now withdraw the Bank Engine Key which locks the lever in the reverse position. BELOW: He then delivers the Bank Engine Key to the driver of W 243 which is pushing on the back of the train.


ABOVE: The goods is on its way with the W pushing for all it's worth. 

ABOVE: After detaching from the goods at the Stop Board at MP 63m 50ch. W 243 has run wrong line back to Seymour and hands the Bank Engine Key back to the Signalman. No doubt the W needed to catch its breath before contemplating anymore shunting work.

ABOVE: The up Albury pass. would have been braking heavily here as its approaches Seymour. I hadn't been photographing long and had yet to learn that shady side shots do not usually make for the best of pictures. The signal above the train was Seymour B's down starting signal and a few years before this photo would have had Seymour C's down distant. 1978.

ABOVE: A quiet Saturday afternoon at Seymour loco finds 280 Walker # 82 and B 78 shut down, 1978.

ABOVE: B 67 arrives at Seymour on an up Shepparton pass in Feb. 1982. Prior to the introduction of N sets, a failure of any car in a makeup would see it shunted off and replaced. N sets however were not to be split. During the long transition from wooden bodied cars to N sets, if a car failed on an N set timetabled service it was fairly common to see the service run by an all wooden bodied car set.

ABOVE: W 246 shunts past Seymour B box on the bottom yard pilot, sometimes referred to as the "B box pilot" June 5 1976 (p hoto courtesy Peter J. Vincent

ABOVE: X 48 races through Seymour on the up Intercapital Daylight, Jan 1981.