Station plan 1
Station plan 2
Drainage plan 1932
Water plan 1970
Original footbridge

Elmore is on the Bendigo to Echuca line and was the junction for the line to Cohuna. The above photo was taken in 1988, 10 years earlier I had taken my first photo of Elmore while riding the Bendigo to Deniliquin DERM. (photo below) By 1988 the footbridge had been dismantled. Scroll down for some more 1988 photos of Elmore.

Above, 1978. Below 1988

Photo above: I am standing on the recently pulled up Cohuna line looking towards the junction, the single water tank could be used by trains on either line.
Photo below: The actual junction points, about to be pulled up.

Below, looking towards Bendigo.

This view shows the wider than normal gap between the platform and the goods shed due to the existence of the down platform as shown below

This view shows the down platform (on left) that was removed circa 1906

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