1929 Signal Diagram
1969 Signal Diagram

Korong Vale in 1885 looking north. The loco is a rebuilt J class 2-4-0. At the extreme right is what looks like a carriage dock for loading
horse drawn carriages onto special flat wagons which were then attached to passenger trains, a service only able to afforded by the wealthy.
The railway reached Korong Vale in 1882
Photo by Emma Nettleton

A pair of Y's on an up goods at Korong Vale, Dec. 10 1973
Official VR photo

DRC 41 on a railfan special. Feb 16 1974
Photo Courtesy John Ward

B 65 passes Korong Vale A box as it arrives Korong Vale from Bendigo on an empty wheat train. Jan. 198

The home signal indicates that T 341 was departing Korong Vale to the Boort line but I can't remember if this is what was happening
or if T 341 was just shunting. The two tracks on the left were called the "engine sidings" Jan. 1980

T 413 at Korong Vale on an empty wheat train waits to head North, Jan. 1979
Thanks to Dave Richards for correcting the caption, and thanks to Geoff Altham for re-correcting it

Korong Vale "A" controlled two sets of interlocked gates due to it being located between the two main running lines.
Korong Vale was fully interlocked in 1916 which is when this box was built. It was abolished in 1983. Photo
Feb. 16 1974
Photo courtesy John Ward

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