1923 drawing of signalbox
Arch bridge at Kyneton

An up Bendigo to Melbourne passenger train at Kyneton, headed by a 2-4-0 outside framed tender loco, later known as B class. circa 1870

An up passenger train circa 1905

Kyneton station and signalbox looking towards Bendigo, 2004

A splendid view of Kyneton station looking towards Melbourne. Some things to notice are, the double headed rail, circular point rodding and the
"loco depot" (To be quite honest the coal stage looks like it would be more at home on a narrow gauge line) What looks like ground discs are in
fact "discs attached to points". The buildings on the near end of both platforms are almosr certainly the refreshment rooms that were removed
in the mid 1930's.
The date shown on the border of the photo says May 16 1897.


BELOW: The same view Oct. 7 2010.

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