1934 Signal Diagram
1967 Signal Diagram
1969 Signal Diagram

In 1903, a Locomotive Enginemens strike saw the railways employ "scab" labour for the duration of the strike. This photo shows the first train to arriveMaryborough with a scab crew. The crowd would no doubt be jeering the strikebreakers and a barricade can be seen on the platform, probably guarded by the local constbulatory to prevent the public approaching the locos containing the scabs.

ABOVE & BELOW: A 153 Walker departs Maryborough on its journey to Castlemaine, March 1955
Official VR photo

Maryborough 1950

A 102 Walker railcar and trailer sit at Maryborough prior to running a service to Castlemaine. The Maryborough to Castlemaine service
finished July 9 1977. Photo date 1977
Photo courtesy Tim Martin

ABOVE: To celebrate 25 years of mainline diesel locos, B 60 ran a special train. to Maryborough where a steam loco took the train from
Maryborough to Donald and back. The train is seen here at Maryborough having just arrived from Castlemaine. July 16 1977

BELOW: The same view 33 years later finds preserved B 74 and T 378 running an enthusiast special on March 13 2010.
Photo courtesy Mike Forsberg

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