The 142 1/2 mile branch from Korong Vale to Robinvale kept its passenger service until June 3 1978 although it only went beyond Ultima on Wednesdays and Fridays.

A unique safeworking feature of the line was automatic operation of the electric staff system between Korong Vale and Quambatook with Mysia and Barraport being unattended electric staff stations. In conjunction with the automatic electric staff opearation Barraport and Mysia were each provided with a down and up, 3 position semaphore automatic. The automatics were normally at stop, after a train passed the location board, (seen in the above photo to the right of the DERM) and provided the platform road was clear and the plunger locks were "in" the automatic would go to the warning position. This system was installed in 1929 and lasted until Dec. 1980.

ABOVE: We see 60 RM about to pass the down automatic as it approaches Barraport whilst running the 12.00 noon service from Bendigo to Ultima, it was due at Barraport at 2.30 pm.
BELOW: After quickly driving through Barraport John has managed to catch the train departing Barraport as it passes the up automatic. Ultima arrival was timetabled for 3.55 pm
Sat Aug. 20 1977.

Photos courtesy John Dennis

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