1921 Drainage diagram
1947 W&W diagram
1963 box diagram

An early view of Broadmedows looking north, circa 1905. The level crossing (#11 gate) in the foreground is the present day Camp Road (named after the nearby military camp) The motivation to take this photo was probably the impending replacement of these hand gates by cattle pits which occured on 16-4-1906

Aa 554 and a re-boilered old A class on Up Sydney express at Broadmeadows 1906.
This loco was barely a year old when the photo was taken. The first vehicle behind the locos is an insulated TT van,
possibly bringing fruit from Queensland, the passenger stock is "V" stock
photo by Charles Gavan Duffy

A military train at Broadmedows on August 25 1938.
Consist was 2 Z vans, 7 Q trucks, 28 M wagons & 3 A cars.

A Harris awaits departure from Broadmeadows, June 1972
Official VR photo PR 6345

While crossing from the up North East mainline to the Albion loop line the up wheat train derailed,
blocking the main North East line for most of the weekend. Feb 3 1979
Above courtesy Peter J. Vincent

Looking north, towards Seymour with 2 positions signals and the siding to Broadstore still intact. 1980.

A down Spencer Street to Seymour commuter crosses from the down line to the up platform at Broadmeadows whilst my suburban sits on the down platform.
Feb. 1 2007

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