A pre electrification photo looking south from the footbridge.

Electric loco 1100 on a down goods at Elsternwick. This photo was taken sometime between 1923 (electric locos 1100 and 1101 introduced) and July 1926 (2 position signals at Elsternwick abolished). Judging by the presence of the well dressed gentlemen on the loco I would guess this is some sort of test run so it could be safely assumed that 1100 is quite new.

Back then the tracks crossed Glenhuntly road on the level, in 1959 the tracks were sunk underneath Glenhuntly road, the goods yard abolished and a new station was built. Three, 4 track overhead stauntions remain at this end of Elsternwick to this day.

More info on these locos can be found at the E class page

Photo courtesy Victorian Railways

BELOW: In attempting a comparison photo I found it very hard to figure out exactly where the original photo was taken as the cutting is much deeper as a result of the re-grading and because most, if not all of the houses in the original photo appear to be gone, perhaps as a result of the cutting deepening? If anyone has any photos showing the goods yard at Elsternwick I would love to see them and share them on this website.
Photo below Feb. 2008

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