ABOVE: The original signalbox at Royal Park was on the down side of the line, the ramped down platform can just be seen at the extreme right hand
edge of the photo. Before Preston trains could run direct to Melbourne via Collingwood all Preston line trains had to come into the city via Royal Park
so it would have been a busy junction. With direct running there would have been far fewer trains to signal and the signalbox was moved to its
present location on the up end of the up platform. This box lasted from Dec. 23 1890 (15 lever Rocker frame) until Dec. 4 1904.


An up 6 car silver from Upfield arrives at Royal Park. The line to the right was the inner circle that used to junction with the Epping line,
it also served sidings in Carlton and Fitzroy. Feb. 1981

B 75 sits on the inner circle line at Royal park on a rake of empties as it waits a run onto the mainline and back to Melbourne, July 7 1974
Photo courtesy Stuart Lodington.

An up Fitzroy goods waits at Royal Park to enter the mainline. 1978
Photo courtesy Peter J Vincent

Freshly painted parcels coach CM 4 arrives Royal Park on an up Upfield to Flinders Street service. Feb. 1981

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