This classic old VR photograph has been reproduced a thousand times, and why not, it is of such high quality and shows so much. It shows a down goods arriving at Williamstown, circa 1915. The loco, Y 397, was built by the Phoenix foundry in 1889 and was one of 31 locos in the Y class. They were, for their time, a heavy goods loco, the heaviest 0-6-0 in Australia according to an ARHS museum booklet. Y 397 was scrapped June 1926. The T vans (first 3 wagons behind the loco) were introduced in 1909 and the line was electrified in 1920. In Dec 19145 Williamstown was provided with a new 50 lever interlocking frame but I do not know if it got a new signalbox at that time, so I'm going to date it as circa 1915.

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