After electrification (May 1919) and the completion of the installation of 3 position signals (July 1926) nothing much changed at Elsternwick. Here is the view looking west along Glenhuntly Road sometime in the 1930's. In the late 1950's it was decided to sink the rail line under Glenhuntly road thus removing this level crossing.

The photo below is simply a close crop of the photo above and shows the competition for city bound passengers between the Victorian Railways and the Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board

This photo, circa 1930, shows the original up platform. The tower to the left of the signalbox can still be seen today.

The above photo is looking south, towards Sandringham, it shows the temporary lines (on the right) not yet in service. The temporary signalbox, which was commisioned on Aug. 30 1959, can be seen above the speed board. Once the temporary lines were commisioned the original lines were torn up and digging commenced to lower the tracks under Glenhuntly road.

The photo below is similar to the view at the top of the page, looking west along Glenhuntly road. It shows the temporary lines and signalbox. The temporary gates were hand operated and it looks like the photographer has caught the gate keeper returning to the signalbox.

This photo shows a down goods on the new line but the temporary lines have not yet been removed. The new lines were commisioned on Oct. 2 1960 at which time the temporary signalbox was de-commisioned

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