West Footscray

ABOVE: T 339 on a Kyenton to Spencer St. Pass. at West Footscray, 1979.

ABOVE: Melbourne used to have dozens of pilots working around Melbourne's many yards. Tottenham yard was also an extremely
busy yard so many movements occurred between the two areas. Here we see an unknown pilot running between
Melbourne and Tottenham (at West Footscray) with a very short train.
Jan. 6 1977
Photo courtesy Andrew Bau

ABOVE: A down St Albans bound Harris departs Middle Footscray, 1978.

ABOVE: X 54 heads a down goods on the goods line as a down St Albans bound silver sits at
Middle Footscray platform, 1978.


ABOVE: Down and up Comengs cross at West Footcsray, April 6 1986

ABOVE: H 3 is running a down Spencer St. to Bacchus Marsh peak hour commuter train as it crosses
an up St. Albans to Flinders St. "silver" at Middle Footscray. 1980

: X 41 is running the up "Southern Aurora" as it overtakes a
stationary #9130 Mile End to Dynon "jet" with classleader 930 on the point at West Footscray Junction. December 29 1985.
Photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent.

ABOVE: A down St Albans Comeng departs Middle Footscray 1986

ABOVE: The day return trains that operated out of Melbourne on Sundays were called "Sunday Excursion Trains"
and from the early 80's on always featured double heading due to the fact that should a train hauled
by a single loco break down there were no other trains around to get a replacement loco from.

B84 - B 80 are on a down Swan Hill Sunday Excursion approaching Middle Footscray on April 6 1986

ABOVE: An up pass. at Middle Footscray, July 1986