1940 Signal Diagram
Box Diagram

B 71 - T 387 haul an up wheat train consisting almost entirely of GH wagons through Armstrong. 1981

T 362 - T 380 head a down Ararat to Murtoa goods through Armstrong, the first station west of Ararat.
The fact that the signals in both directions are at proceed indicates that the station is "switched out"
Sept. 30 1981

T 363 heads an empty wheat train westward through Armstrong.

Armstrong station building photographed just before its demise, 1981
The building, and frame, date from 1945

The end is near for the first crossing loop west of Ararat. Armstrong's platform has been cut back and the signalbox will never
be switched in again. T 391 - Y 122 - Y 150 on an Up goods in the last hour of daylight on a hot summers afternoon. Nov 3 1981

Post 8, up distant signal, 1981.

Armstrong's up home daparture signals after the points had been removed. 1982.

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