The station building with a combined ASM's residence at Buangor was burnt down on 1 April 1925. First up it was decided to erect a concrete DR but that idea, in 1927, was dropped and the station building from Pittong was carted by road and re-erected at Buangor, but without a verandah, and a new building erected for the signal bay. The building in the photo came into use on 7 Feb 1929, with the new signal bay in use on 21 August 1929.
Notes by Des Jowett

The 8.30am Spencer St to Horsham pass. departs Buangor. 1975.
Photo courtesy Trevor Penn

A VR photo taken for the annual VR garden competition. April 1965. Photo looking towards Ararat.

ABOVE & BELOW: Buangor in 1988 looking towards Ballarat.

Post 2, down home arrivals, 1981.

Post 3, up home departures, 1981.

From The Argus: April 2 1925

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