ABOVE & BELOW: A westbound train at Cressy.

Looking West.
Above 3 photos courtesy State Library of Victoria collection.

D3 639 arrives at Cressy on what appears to be a commisioners special, circa 1955

C 16 departs Cressy on an up goods. 1960

An undated photo of an up mixed train at Cressy, note the mountains of bagged wheat.

K 189 at the Cressy coal stage, circa 1960

A2 947 stopped for Engine Requirements, A2 964 on 10.45 am Ararat. Cressy Oct. 14 1960

N 469 has backed its train onto the old Beeac line at Cressy, cica 1960.

In July 1961 the signalbox at Cressy was abolished which necessitated the transfer of the staff instruments from the signalbox to the station office.
Here we see a signal fitter transferring the equipment on the station platform.

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