1915 Signal Diagram

Deep Lead prior to the platform being cut back, late 70's
Photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent.

ABOVE: Deep Lead station building looking west and BELOW, looking east. The platform was cut back sometime in the 1970's
It was closed as an electric staff station and had its signals, points and interlocking machine on Sept. 7 1981
although in its last years it was rarely switched in.

T 331 heads a down goods, consisting of mainly SAR wagons, through Deep Lead. 1981

S 315 flys through Deep Lead (pronounced Deep Leed) on the 0655 Dimboola to Spencer St. pass. 1981
As a fireman at Ararat I often rode this train back from Dimboola after having run a train from Ararat.
It always seemed like their were 2 or 3 crews "travelling per" on this train.

S 315 was withdrawn from service in 1988 and was scrapped in 1992

Post 2, up home arrivals and disc out of siding A.

Post 3, down home departures and disc along siding.

Post 4, up home departures and disc along siding B.

Post 5, disc from siding B
Post 6, up home arrivals

Back of post 3 (down departures) looking east

ABOVE & BELOW: Looking towards Melbourne

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