The Horsham to Serviceton Walker railcar departs Dimboola in the afternoon sunshine as B 74 waits to follow on a down goods. 1974.
Photo courtesy Trevor Penn

An up mixed train prepares to depart Dimboola circa 1910
State Library of Victoria collection

C 502 on an up "jet" at Dimboola on its delivery run. June 11 1977. (Note the open wagons near the front of the train carrying containers)
Photo courtesy Andrew Hennell

ABOVE: Y 126 at Dimboola on the morning train from Melbourne.
Jan. 6 1971
Photos courtesy Tony Smith

An up goods has been backed out onto the Jeparit line as it awaits departure. In later days trains on the Western line
were often too long for the existing facilities. For really long trains there were very few crossing loops where they would fit
and often the only way to get long trains out of the way was to put them away on a branch line. May 1978
Photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent

The Medical Vision & Test Car in the dock track, 1969.

Dimboola's down distant signal. Like many distant signals it was motor operated due to
its distance from the signalbox controlling it. 1981.

Post 7, the up home departures. The homes were from 1 and 2 road to the mainline,
the discs to siding B. 1981

The impressive Post 10. Left hand home from dock to mainline,
middle homes from the platform road to Serviceton or Jeparit,
right hand homes from #2 road. 1981

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