1946 Signal Diagram
!888 Locking Sketch
1913 signal box drawing

Glenorchy station Nov 3 1981, looking west.

X 33 on a down Ararat to Dimboola goods passes through Glenorchy in broad gauge days. 1975.
Photo courtesy Trevor Penn

S 308 is running a down Ararat to Dimboola (9103) goods as it arrives into No. 2 road at Glenorchy. Nov. 3 1981

Freshly painted X 39 (with driver Ian Moorhead at the controls) arrives Glenorchy on a "bughut" train
which consisted of W and WW workmens sleepers with a good measure of GY's thrown in for braking.
February 1982

A Portland to Murtoa empty grain train waits at Glenorchy to cross an "up" loaded grain train, Feb. 2 1982.

C 510 on an up "jet" crosses a down goods at Glenorchy, 1981.

Signalbox and station buildings looking west, 1981.

Glenorchy goods shed looking east, 1981

Down distant signal, 1981

Down home arrivals and disc from siding D (extension of #2 road)

Up home departures. These signals were on a signal bridge until a derailment brought the structure down in the 1970's. Photo 1981.

Post 9, up home along the mainline. 1981

Post 13, along #2 road. 1981

The staff exchanger for up trains.


In 1946 the crossing loop was extended which meant that the down end turnout was beyond the distance that they
could be controlled manually so they were equipped with a Dual Control Point Machine which neccesitated the
little relay hut you see here.

Up distant signal. 1981

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