X 46 - X 45 lead a Melbourne to Adelaide "Jet" through Gordon in 1978.
I had just purchased my first SLR camera, Pentax K1000, and tried this photo in very low light just before sunset on a heavily overcast winters day.

The 8 photos below were taken by David Langley in 1981.

Looking west towards Ballarat


The up, light, home departures looking east towards Melbourne.


Looking west showing the station and the DR (Departmental Residence)



Showing the "add on" signal bay and the auto staff exchanger.
Gordon had a 22 lever frame, 19 used, 3 spare. It was abolished as an electric staff station on March 29 1985.

Post 5, up home arrivals with a down "Jet".

C 501 heads a down "jet" between Gordon and Bungaree on Nov. 23 1985.

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