1958 Signal Diagram
1952 signalbox paln.

A view looking towards Melbourne showing the remains of the carriage dock, 1981.

A down goods passes the up home departure signals and has the auto staff exchanger lowered. Feb 16 1982

Whilst running this train, T 367 - 750t on Ararat to Murtoa goods, we were put away at Great Western
for a cross so I took a shot from the signal mast. With CTC, Great Western was wiped off the railway map although
a new crossing loop several miles from here still bears its name. Feb 3 1982

Looking west from the road overbridge at the east end of the station, C 503 powers away from Great Western
on a Serviceton to Melbourne "jet" in 1981.

An up goods stands in #2 road, 1978.

Great Western was the first decent sized crossing loop west of Ararat so saw its fair share of trains crossing. Here we see a down goods hauled by S 309
sitting in #2 road while C 508 rushes past on an up goods.

Looking west from just in front of the station building, 1981.

Seppelt's siding was a very short distance on the Melbourne side of Great Western and served the Seppelt winery siding.
ABOVE:A pair of T's drop down into Great Western on an Ararat to Murtoa empty wheat train.
The buildings shown are part of Seppelt's Great Western wine complex that was serviced by "Seppelt's siding" 1981
S 310 heads a a down goods as it approaches Great Western.
Jan. 1981

Post 9, up distant, motor operated. 1981

Post 8, up home arrivals. 1981

Post 3, up home departures. 1981

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