A down goods crosses T 377 on an up wheat train at Horsham. 1981

The afternoon Horsham to Spencer St. pass. awaits its depature from Horsham, Nov. 3 1981

J 551 at Horsham on the Melbourne to Dimboola pass. This train would have been diesel hauled to either Murtoa or here at Horsham
where the J would have been attached to release the diesel for goods working. March 6 1967

Photos courtesy John Ward

B 83 and R 735 arrive Horsham on No 86 through goods that ran from Dimboola to Ararat March 7 1967.
The line to the left of the loco was the Goroke branchline.

Photos courtesy John Ward

When locos were in really short supply VR had to try every trick in the book. A fairly common practice during grain harvests was for the Dimboola pass.
to lose its big loco at Murtoa or Horsham from where the rest of the journey was done by the yard pilot. The big loco would be put to immeadiate
good use by attaching to an up grain train.
ABOVE: Y 126 attaches to the Dimboola pass. at Horsham
Photo courtesy John Ward

A down goods passes through Horsham. Oct 6 1981

The Horsham signal panel, installed on March 13 1976 to replace the mechanical frame.

Horsham had 5 staff instruments, Murtoa, Jung, Dooen, Pimpinio and Dimboola depending on which staff stations were switched out.

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