An up "jet" descends Ingliston bank on Oct. 31 1981. By this time B's on "jets" were quite uncommon although this was a typical "lash-up" on "jets" from the late 50's to late 70's.

Ingliston bank (between Ballan and Bacchus Marsh) had a fearsome reputation with VR enginemen. In reality it was only a 1:50 downgrade, the problem was the speeds allowed down the grade. NSW had worse mainline grades. In the late 80's a ballast train got into trouble down the bank and freight speeds were reduced to where they should have been years before.

B 66 brings an all wooden consist on a Ballarat to Spencer St. pass down Ingliston bank as it approaches
Bank Box loop. Oct. 31 1981.
B 66 was rebuilt as an A class in 1985.

A pair of X's bring "The Overland" down Ingliston bank, Dec. 1986

An up "jet" with X 53 and a Australian National BL, descends Ingliston bank

A very new G 535, Australian National 700 class and an X class descend Ingliston bank in 1989.

In the days of Broad gauge to Adelaide and when we ran intrastate goods trains, Ingliston was somewhat of a Victorian railfan mecca.
Now all you see are V/Line loco hauled passenger trains, lots of railcars and the very occasional Mildura goods.
Here a 3 car V/locity railcar descends Ingliston bank a few kilometres out of Bacchus Marsh. Aug 17 2009

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