C 507 on 9130 Adelaide to Melbourne "jet" winds around the sharp curves between Bacchus Marsh and Parwan. As part of the RFR project in 2005 these curves were rebuilt on a new alignment to allow higher speeds.
Nov 28 1985

R 730 on a down Dimboola pass. at Parwan, April 18 1953

B 63 - X 36 on the up Overland at Parwan, this was the last time I saw a B class on the Overland. 1982

Parwan "ceased to be" on Feb 4 1984 when it was disestablished as a electric staff station and replaced by Parwan loop, here we see C 508 on
an up jet a few weeks after, the removal of the yard tracks is well under way.

The modest station building/signalbox at Parwan as the signalman prepares to exchange the staff. Jan 1983.
Photo courtesy Andrew Hennell

An up Bacchus Marsh pass sits in No 2 road waiting to cross a down train. Feb. 15 1982
Photo courtesy Warren Banfield

S 302 leads an up goods around the Parwan curves in 1979.
Theses curves were drastically realigned as part of the RFR project.

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