A pair of X's pick up the staff at Warrenheip on the 0655 Dimboola to Spencer St. pass. in 1978.

Compare this photo to the photo below taken 8 years later!
X 53 brings the up Dimboola pass through Warrenheip. April 3 1986. The whole train is painted in the V/Line colour scheme, the station building has been demolished and the train is now running to Melbourne via North Geelong.

C 503 on a Adelaide bound "jet" passes through Warrenheip. 1980

When I got my first camera one of the first photographic assignments I set myself was to replicate the famous shot of a
B - T - R climbing Warrenheip bank. This shot is from the first roll of slide film through my new camera.
I don't know why a dirty old S class was leading the brand new C class, presumeably the C had suffered some sort of failure. 1977

Classic power on Melbourne to Serviceton "Jets" for many years was 2 S class back to back
as seen here on an up"Jet" approaching Warrenheip, 1979.

X 44 on the 8.30am Melboure to Horsham pass, 1979.

2 Cs on a down jet at Warrenheip, 1988.

Looking east from the junction, a Melbourne to Adelaide train seen on the left, the line to Geelong curves away to the right. 1978.

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