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These pages will always be a "work in progress" as new info comes to hand and as time permits, as photos are scanned and pages created. I encourage anyone with additions, corrections, comments etc. regarding anything on these pages to EMAIL ME

This rollingstock section is in no way meant to be any sort of definitive history of VR rollingstock. It is simply a snapshot of VR rollingstock in the late 70's, just prior to the end of the Victorian Railways which is the period I model.

For a very complete history of VR rollingstock you should buy Peter J. Vincent's "VR rollingstock CD"

Unless otherwise noted all rollingstock photos were taken between 1977 and 1979

By the late70's I was interested in modeling VR rollingstock but was frustrated by the lack of information available to non railway employees. A chance meeting with Peter Vincent in 1977 made me aware of the fact that if you wanted info on VR rollingstock you had to go get it yourself. Peter also informed me that within a few years 90% of the interesting 4 wheel stock would be scrapped. The realisation that much of the rollingstock that I wanted to model would be gone forever very soon led me to start a project of simply photographing everything I could. For 2 years from early 1978 to late 1979 I hit rollingstock hard. I didn't have a car so every Saturday I would buy a "passmaster" ticket and visit all the Melbourne yards I could. Favourite locations were Tottenham/West Footscray, North Melbourne workshops, Newport workshops, Williamstown Pier, Dandenong, Westall, Graham, Brooklyn, Port Melbourne, Dynon, Jolimont and a bit later, Bendigo and Ballarat. This is how I spent just about every Saturday for 2 years. While most railfans concentrated on locos I saw the VR scene in a modeling sense and knew that much more than just locos needed to be recorded. After I joined VR as a fireman I also became interested in signals and all the other stuff that went into running a railway. Bottom line, there is much more to a railway than the locos.

At the time I didn't pay a lot of attention to filing my negs or research, I just wanted to get on film as much as I could. Research and filing could come later, the scrappers torches were starting to work overtime! Many years later I finally got all of my rollingstock negs into a database so I could access them quickly.

I owe an enormous debt to Peter Vincent as does any student of VR rollingstock. For the last 30+ years Peter has done an incredible amount of work researching and assembling information on VR rollingstock. Future VR historians will have a much easier job thanks to Peter. Unlike many so called historians, Peter's willingness to share information is without parallel.

I would also like to thank Rob O'Regan, Phil Dunn and Kent Smiley for assistance in rollingstock research over the years.

Ego's are a terrible thing for many people. The only way this sort of information can be fully recorded is by people sharing what they know and getting off their rear end to do what they can to gather information. Otherwise this information is lost forever.

To those of us that knew and loved the Victorian Railways we could never let that happen.

The Victorian Railways, so intergral in the opening up of the state of Victoria, is gone forever now. Thanks to the people mentioned above, future generations will be able to find out why the Victorian Railways was as important as it was to Victoria.

Anyone interested in VR rollingstock must buy Peter Vincent's CD



Unless noted, all photos on these pages are by me. I took these photos for my own modeling purposes and so that future generations might have a record of VR rollingstock, as such, they are in the public domain, if you use them all I ask is that a credit be used "Photo by Mark Bau"

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Photos by Peter J. Vincent cannot be used for any purpose without first contacting him via his webpage

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