W workmens sleepers

Number in Class 247 (1976 total)
Number group 1 - 468
Construction period
In service 1910 - late 1970's
Where built various
General arrangement
By the late 1970's there were three distinct types of 4 wheel workmens sleepers.
W 1, shown above, was a purpose built sleeper type that started appearing in 1910.
W 235, shown below, was a redundant 4 wheel passenger car that was cascaded into Way & Works service when its revenue days were over
W 442, shown bottom, was a bogie passenger car that was chopped up and placed onto a 4 wheel underframe.

In service they were a 4 wheel version of the WW workmens sleeper. They were used to house railway employees at wherever they were working. Railway employees usually called them "Bughuts"

A W undergoes conversion from an unknown passenger carriage at Newport workshops, 1960
Official VR photo, M 7030