WZ weed spray van

WZ 1 at Nth Melbourne workshops, circa 1979

Number in Class 1
Number group 1
Construction period
In service 1959
Where built
This interesting vehicle was converted from horsebox F 25 in Dec. 1954, at this time it was coded as HZ 1. In March 1959 it was recoded to WZ 1.
Its purpose was to spray weeds. It was attached to the rear of a rake of WA tank wagons that contained water and pipes brought the water up to the van where the weed kiiler was added, there were control valves and nozzles for the operator to direct and control the spray. The train was known as the "Weedex" train. It is recorded as cut up in 1996 but the 6 wheel underframe is now in the possesion of the Seymour Historical ociety.

BELOW: WZ 1 in action spraying the tracks near Princes Bridge/Flinders St, 1978
Photo courtesy Peter J Vincent.

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