Three Position Automatic Signals
VR light signals come in several different types. This up automatic at Sunshine is a standard "Style R" type that was the last light type signal used until the introduction of "searchlight" signals. This automatic shows only normal speed aspects:Clear Normal Speed, Normal Speed Warning (shown), and of course Stop
This "style R" down automatic between Kannanook and Frankston can only show normal speed aspects, its bottom light is fixed. (Showing normal speed warning)

Photo 2007

This "style R" approaching Frankston, only has two top lights (yellow and red) which means it cannot show green over red. This is because the next signal, Frankston's home arrival, only shows medium speed aspects, so the best aspect this automatic can show is yellow over green, reduce to medium speed.

Photo at Frankston 2007.

This up "style R" approaching Moorabbin, can show all aspects due to it having all 3 top and bottom lights. (showing reduce to medium speed)

Photo, 2007.

This is a standard searchlight signal. Mysia 1978.