Recently I was very lucky to be loaned a copy of a Bradshaw's guide. It was missing its cover and the first 18 pages and no date can be found in it, after a little detective work I figured out its date to be somewhere between 1903 and 1907 so have settled on calling it "circa 1905". Due to the book being about 100 years old its condition was understandably somewhat fragile so I could not scan it in the usual way. I ended up photographing the pages on my digital camera and I think you'll agree the results are quite satisfactory. As I did not want to bend and possibly damage the book, sections of some pages are not shown, I decided that the part of the page that would be of most interest would be the timetables so some of the fare information is missing.

Bradshaw's guides were produced by a private company and were issed monthly, I do not know when the first one appeared but I am told they ceased production about the time of World War II. I do not know if the VR were producing public timetables in a book form showing all the lines on the system in a single volume at the same time as the Bradshaw's guides.

It is a fascinaing document to browse. The thing that really strikes me is how much VR passenger service was provided by mixed trains or "goods with car attached". It must be remembered that this was before widespread use of railmotors. Remember too that in 1905 private transport was almost unheard of so the only way to travel to most of these places was by rail. It was a time when rail was king and absolutely intergral to the economic and social lifeblood of the state of Victoria.

The book also contains complete timetables for the Melbourne suburban system which I will scan and upload as time permits. Enjoy!

Page # Contents
19 Bendigo - Wallan.
Ultima, Quambatook and Boort to Korong Vale
20 Melbourne to Ballarat, Stawell and Adelaide
21 Adelaide to Stawell, Ballarat and Melbourne
24 Melbourne to Warrnambool and Port Fairy
25 Port Fairy and Warrnambool to Melbourne
26 Geelong to Ballarat
Geelong to Queenscliff
Colac to Beech Forest (narrow gauge)
27 Ballarat to Geelong
Queenscliff to Geelong
Beech Forest to Colac (narrow gauge)
28 Terang to Mortlake
Birregurra to Forrest
Ballarat to Linton
Ballarat to Buninyong
29 Mortlake to Terang
Forrest to Birregurra
Linton to Ballarat
Buninyong to Ballarat
30 Warrnambool to Hamilton
Murtoa to Warracknabeal,
Beulah and Hopetoun
31 Hamilton to Warrnambool
Hopetoun, Beulah, and Warracknabeal to Murtoa
32 Ararat to Hamilton and Portland
Colac and Irrewarra to Beeac
Hamilton to Coleraine
33 Portland to Hamilton and Ararat
Beeac to Irrewarra and Colac
Coleraine to Hamilton
34 Branxholme to Casterton
Ballarat to Waubra
Lubeck to Rupanyup
35 Casterton to Branxholme
Waubra to Ballarat
Rupanyup to Lubeck
36 Horsham to Noradjuha and Goroke
Dimboola to Rainbow
Camperdown to Timboon
37 Noradjuha and Goroke to Horsham
Rainbow to Dimboola
Timboon to Camperdown
38 Melbourne (via Ballarat) to Maryborough and Castlemaine
Maryborough and Deep Leads Electric Transmission Coy.'s Mines
39 Melbourne (via Castlemaine) to Maryborough and Ballarat
Deep Leads Electric Transmission Coy.'s Mines and Maryborough
40 Melbourne (via Castlemaine) to St. Arnaud, Donald, Woomelang and Mildura.
Maryborough to Ararat
41 Mildura, Woomelang, Donald and St. Arnaud (via Castlemaine to Melbourne.
Ararat to Maryborough
42 Melbourne to Wodonga and Sydney
Wangaratta to Whitfield (narrow gauge)
43 Sydney and Wodonga to Melbourne
Whitfield to Wangaratta
44 Tallarook to Alexandra Road and Mansfield.
Murchison East to Rushworth.
Strathmerton to Tocumwal Bridge
45 Mansfield and Alexandra Road to Tallarook.
Rushworth to Murchison East.
Tocumwal Bridge to Strathmerton
46 Seymour to Numurkah and Cobram.
Toolamba to Echuca and Deniliquin.
Benalla to Yarrawonga
47 Cobram and Mumurkah to Seymour.
Deniliquin and Echuca to Toolamba.
Yarrawonga to Benalla
48 Wangaratta to Beechworth and Yackandandah.
Everton to Bright.
Springhurst to Wahgunyah
49 Yackandandah and Beechworth to Wangaratta.
Bright to Everton.
Wahgunyah to Springhurst
50 Shepparton to Dookie and Katamatite.
Numurkah to Nathalia and Picola.
Wodonga to Tallangatta
51 Katamatite and Dookie to Shepparton.
Picola and Nathalia to Numurkah.
Tallangatta to Wodonga
62 Melbourne to Sale, Sale to Bairnsdale
63 Bairnsdale to Sale, Sale to Melbourne
64 Melbourne and Dandenong to Korumburra, Leongatha, Port Albert
65 Port Albert, Leongatha and Korumburra to Dandenong and Melbourne
66 Warragul to Neerim South.
Korumburra to Outtrim.
Moe to Thorpdale
67 Neerim South to Warragul.
Outtrim to Korumburra.
Thorpdale to Moe
68 Morwell to North Mirboo
Melbourne to Traralgon, Maffra, Briagolong and Bairnsdale
69 North Mirboo to Morwell.
Bairnsdale, Maffra and Briagolong to Traralgon and Melbourne