This is from the 1947 VR map showing just the suburban area. Due to the way the mapmaker cropped the map it doesn't show all of the true suburban area, notable ommisions are the track from Diamond Creek to Hurstbridge, Parkdale to Frankston, Noble Park to Dandenong and Ringwood to Lilydale and Upper Ferntree Gully.

A few other interesting things on the map:

Port Melbourne line, (closed Oct. 1987)

St. Kilda line, (closed Aug. 1987)

Williamstown to Williamstown Pier, (closed 1988)

Macleod to Mont Park asylum line, (closed June 1964)

Hawthorn to Kew line, (closed May 1957)

Inner circle line, Royal Park to Fitzroy, Rushall, Merri.(final section closed July 1981)

Springvale to Springvale cemetry line, closed Jan. 1951

Broadmedows line: Oak Park (Aug. 1956) and Jacana (Feb. 1959) not yet in existence, Nth Essendon not yet renamed Strathmore, (Mar. 1955)

Cambellfield line, many stopping places and Gowrie (May 1965) and Upfield (August 1959) names not yet in use. Sth Brunswick renamed Jewell (Feb 1954)

East Oakleigh renamed Huntingdale (Oct. 1954)

Ashburton to Alamein not yet re-opened ((June 1948)

It is interesting that the Spotswood powerhouse line is shown but the Fairfield to APM factory is not.