JSF sand hoppers

JSF 321 at Tottenham yard. June 1982
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

Number in Class 40
Number group 301 - 340
Construction period 1974 - 1979
In service 1977 - end
1979 recode VHSY
Where built Ballarat
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The JAF, JBF, JCF, JDF, JPF, JQF and JSF classes were all built to the same design, only the tops and bottoms were changed to suit the commodity carried. The JSF class hauled sand from Koala Siding to Spotswood for use in making glass.

JSF 304 at Dandenong 1978
(note it is fitted with both load compensating and grade control equipment)

JSF 333 at Dandenong 1978
(note: it is only fitted with load compensating equipment)

The 1979 recode was a massive undertaking and mistakes were made. Here we see JSF 325 which should have been recoded to VHSY but instead got the code for JBF briquette wagons, VHBY. I do not not if it actually entered traffic with this mistake. It would have been interesting if it had shown up at Morwell to be loaded! Photo at nth Melbourne workshops, 1979

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