Oct 1 1888 Kilmore Junction - Kilmore opened. Costs are given for the entire section of line from Kilmore Junction to Bendigo (Cattle siding) 68 miles of single track railway costing £5,734 per mile (£389,887 total cost)
Oct 1 1888 Bendigo - Heathcote opened.
Dec 3 1889 Heathcote - Tooborac opened.
Aug 22 1890 Kilmore - Tooborac opened.
June 7 1897 Bylands: Car dock removed.
Aug 13 1906 Tooborac: provide electric staff in lieu of train staff & ticket to Heathcote.
Aug 27 1906 Bylands: Up and down home signals removed.
Nov. 26 1906 Tooborac: Up and down distants abolished, up and down home signals moved further out.
Nov 16 1908 Tooborac: provide turntable
April 22 1912 Tooborac: provide plunger lock. Down home signal moved to position 50 yards from facing points, provide down distant 600 yards from home signal.
May 25 1914 Tooborac: up home signal moved 85 yards further in
May 3 1915 Tooborac: provide electric staff in lieu of train staff & ticket from Kilmore.
Feb 2 1926 Heathcote: provide railmotor turntable at down end, turntable road faces down trains, secured by Annett lock. Provide down departure home signal.
May 4 1926 Tooborac: provide staff exchange box.
Sep 3 1931 Tooborac: Stationmaster removed
Sep 2 1941 Bylands: May open as Intermediate composite electric staff block post in Heathcote Junction - Kilmore electric staff section.
Mar 23 1948 Tooborac: provide composite electric staff in Heathcote electric staff section a/c Argyle
Dec. 3 1958 Last train ran and line closed from Heathcote to Freezing company's siding (Nth Bendigo)
Aug 14 1961 Tooborac: no one in charge condition in lieu of Assistant Stationmaster.
Aug 16 1961 Tooborac: disestablished as electric staff station, new train staff & ticket section Kilmore - Heathcote. May open as Intermediate Special Block Post in that section.
June 20 1965 Last regular passenger train Heathcote Junction to Heathcote.
Nov 6 1968 Last regular goods ran Heathcote Junction to Heathcote
Nov. 7 1968 Line closed Heathcote Junction to Heathcote

Timetable below is from an 1894 Bradshaw's guide

BELOW, from the 1928 General Appendix