April 6 1892: Lancefield to Kilmore line opened.
18.5 miles of single track railway costing
£6,395 per mile. (£118,309 total cost)

Aug. 22 1892: High Park opened.

June 1 1897: Lancefield - Kilmore closed. Commissioners agree to run an as required train between
Lancefield and Goldie for a minimum load of 40 tons. One train ran in Sept 1897 (at least)

July 15 1903: Lancefield to Kilmore closed. Commissioners agree to run a load of eight trucks as required
between Lancefield and Goldie until 1-11-1903 (Last passenger train was a commissioners special that ran on July 31 1903)

March 6 1917: dismantling began, dismantling completed Aug. 6 1917


Lancefield Mercury† Train arrangements for the new Lancefield Township platform.† The deputation which waited on the Railway Commissioners to have trains arriving at and departing from the new platform near the Macedonia Hotel have had their wishes granted as the arrangements from the 1st June, the 6-50am train will depart from the new platform at 6-40am and the 5-10pm will depart from the new platform at 5-00pm.† Passengers will be set down at the new platform by all trains except the last train at night where they will alight at the old platform.† It is probable that this arrangement will be remedied in a few days as a lamp will be placed on the new platform and all trains will pick up and set down there.† Travellers taking their seats at the new station will therefore be required to be on the platform ten minutes early for all trains and must obtain their tickets from the old platform where they arrive there


Lancefield Shire Council request a ticket office and ladies waiting room on the new Lancefield Town platform


Lancefield Mercury† Report of the visit of the Acting Railway Commissioners last Friday. A deputation asked for a pillar box for letters be erected at the new station behind the Macedonian Hotel. Commissioners promised that the timetable for the Lancefield line would apply to the new platform on† and after November 1st next.


Lancefield Mercury †A complaint made that the evening train from Melbourne does not run as far as the platform at the rear of the Macedonian Hotel but stops at the old Lancefield station, thus causing passengers some inconvenience. Some months ago the Railway Commissioners stated that the train should start from and arrive at the new station regularly, and the public are anxious to know why their instructions are not carried out


Lancefield Mercury† Lancefield-Kilmore train service will on run on Tues, Thurs, and Sat from 24-10-1893


Railway Commissioners Inspection train Lancefield Junction dep 1-10pm, arrive Lancefield 2pm and Kilmore 3pm


Lancefield Mercury The jury of the Speight vs Syme case visited the Lancefield Junction to Kilmore line last Monday (11th)


The Argus V.R. Notices† Special Cheap Excursion Train Melbourne-Lancefield-Kilmore Thursday 27-9-1894† Spencer St dep 9-15am. Kilmore arrive 12 noon.† Kilmore dep 1-10pm Lancefield 2-10pm Melbourne arrive 3-55pm


Lancefield Mercury† V.R.Commissioners have recommended that the Lancefield-Kilmore and Redesdale lines be closed.


Lancefield Mercury Railway Commissioners arrived in Lancefield last night after a tour of the north eastern district and arrived by way of Kilmore.


Urinals at Mount William be removed to Fernhill.† (PRO)


Portable buildings at Springfield without chimneys removed from Springfield and re-erected at Boigbeat as waiting rooms. (PRO)


Lancefield Mercury. The building at the Lancefield Township railway platform has been removed to Woodend.


Lancefield Mercury †Railway Commissioner Matheson to visit Lancefield today.


Lancefield Mercury† Report on Mr Matheson's visit. Has decided to close the Lancefield-Kilmore line.


Lancefield Mercury.† A gang of 20 to 30 navvies have arrived in Lancefield to remove ballast from the Lancefield-Kilmore line for use on the Lancefield Junction to Lancefield line.


Lancefield Mercury† Ballast train on Lancefield-Kilmore line runs over & kills a cow.


Lancefield Mercury.† Sprigfield Shire Council seek a train to run to Goldie to carry away the grain in the district.


Lancefield Mercury† Railway Dept agrees to run goods trains to Goldie during the busy season.

During the second half of 1899 there were several deputation from the Lancefield and Springfield Shire Councils to the Railway Commissioners requesting the line be reopened. Negotiations resulted in the line being reopened for the February1900 grain traffic.


Lancefield Mercury† Railway Commissioners travelled from Lancefield to Kilmore on Tuesday (13th)


8-7-1903 Gov. Gaz. Contract to remove gatehouses from Nos 4, 6, and 8 Crossings on the Lancefield-Kilmore line and re-erect as station offices at Rushworth, Kyabram, and Nathalia.


The Lancefield-Kilmore line was transferred and vested in the Victorian Railway Commissioners on 8-2-1905.† (These transfers applied to all lines opened for traffic since 1892 and was really a big legal "catch-up" move)


17-5-1917 Chief Engineer for Railway Construction.† In order to obtain rails for the North Geelong-Fyansford Railway 3.5 miles of rail from the Lancefield-Kilmore line would be required.†(PRO)

The timetable shown below is from the Feb. 1 1894 Bradshaws guide
BELOW, from the 1894 VR annual report, the columns left to right are: passenger & parcels revenue, goods revenue and the total amount of revenue generated by each station.
The timetable below is from the June 3 1901 Working timetable (courtesy Steve Malpass)