Jan. 15 1891 Redesdale Junction to Redesdale line opened
16 miles of single track railway costing
£5,679 per mile. (£90,859 total cost)
April 1 1897 De Graves closed to all traffic
Jan. 10 1916 Redesdale Junction: Open as block post for all trains
Feb. 14 1916 Redesdale Junction: Switched out after last down Redesdale line train until first up Redesdale line train.
July 13 1954 Redesdale line closed
Nov. 9 1954 Redesdale Junction: Closed to passengers
Nov. 16 1954 Redesdale Junction: Interlocking and all signals abolished, Double Line Block instrument removed, points spiked normal.

Station diagrams:

Green Hill
East Metcalfe

Timetable below is from the May 9 1892 Working Timetable

BELOW: Oct 1940 WTT

BELOW; Oct 1947 WTT.