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  Builds the finest VR, HO scale injection moulded and brass kit models

Make a great range of superb R-T-R HO scale models for the VR layout.

: Builds supurb N scale VR wagons, they also also produce a HO tarp for GY's.

Builds excellent O scale kits of VR rollingstock and locos

Ian Lindsay Models: O scale Puffing Billy models and HO scale models of VR structures

Victoria's and perhaps Australia's foremost model railway club, home to some of the best scratchbuilders in Australia.

Australia's flagship model railway magazine. A must read if you model VR.

Builds a large range of VR locos and wagons.

SPIRIT design: Has a vast range N scale VR wagon and carriage kits.

Have produced a very nice W class diesel in HO scale and have just released a supurb HO scale DERM and Trailer.

Steamandthings: Produce brass etchings of VR rollingstock and trackside signs in a variety of scales

A newer manufacturer who have released a steam J class and MF and LF  livestock wagons in HO scale.

Sells HO scale RTR Victorian brass models

Bowen Creek: No longer updated but a fantastic blog on building a Australian layout properly to the highest standards, Highly Recomended!

Sergent Engineering: Makes true scale HO couplers that I use and think are the best looking couplers around.

End Of The Line Hobbies: Focuses on SAR kits but also produces some VR kits.



PJV Website: Online rollingstock data from 1886 and link to PJV's photos

ROBX 1: Rob O'Regan's website containing 1000s of images from the late 70s.

Andrew Waugh Homepage: A VR signal/historian of note, this site contains many in depth signal/station histories as well as a supurb series of VR maps

Engineers and Politicians. The Victorian Railways 1854 - 1904   A very well researched and written E-Book on the early VR. 

Signal Records Society (Victoria) Has many detailed articles on VR signalling.

Vicsig:  info on post VR rail operations

Steamrail Homepage: Steamrail runs many train tours over ex VR lines using preserved VR locos and rollingstock.

Royal Historical Society Victoria: Info and links created for the "Making Tracks" exhibition

Les Brown Train Pics: Les has put a lot of photos from the 60's and 70's on his page, well worth a look.

Richard Felstead's Railway Page: Some intresting coverage of the VR in the 1960's

Public Record Office, Victoria: Type in any VR location or subject and see what they have. (hint) starting your serch term with: state transport helps. 

Victorian Government Narrow Gauge Railways: Excellent site on VR's narrow gauge railways.

Weston Langford's website: A great collection of many VR photos from the 1960's

Geoff Winkler's photos: Some real classics from the late 1970's and on.

RAIL TRAILS in Victoria, info on hiking or biking Victoria's extensive rail trail network of closed railway lines. 

Model pics


 Nick Anchen produces some excellent books covering many aspects of various Australian rail systems. He has very strong focus on the Victorian Railways and particularly those working 'at the coal face'.

'Victorian Rail Publishing' produce THE definitive record of the Victorian Railways. If you don't already, please consider subscribing to this wonderful magazine.



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