A.E.C. railmotors
AEC # 10 at Mornington
These 45 hp railmotors provided passenger service on lines that did not warrant a passenger train. Up until their arrival VR had had mixed success with railmotors, but the AEC's appear to have performed their tasks well as they had a much longer lifespan than any previous railmotor.

AEC's 1 - 6, 12 &13. 37 passengers in 2nd class only

AEC's 8, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 19 all 1st class 32 passengers

AEC's 7, 14, 18. 10 passengers in 1st class, 22 in 2nd class

AEC 9. 11 passengers in 1st class, 21 in 2nd class

A.E.C. stood for "Associated Equipment Company" this company built the chassis which VR then adapted for rail use and equipped with a Newport built body.

Number in Class 19
Number group 1 - 19
Construction period 1922 - 1925
In service 1922 - mid 50's
Where built Newport W.S.

ABOVE: AEC 1 at Mildura circa mid 1920s. This first AEC looks like it was designed for the hot Northern Mallee as it lacked windows!

ABOVE: RM 10 at Mornington in original condition

ABOVE & BELOW: RM 4 (and MT 4) before receiving its Tiger Stripes.


ABOVE: Unknown AEC at Kotta (on the Cohuna line) quiet a few photos show the engine covers raised no doubt for overheating issues. 

ABOVE: RM 10 after receiving its Tiger Stripes.

ABOVE & BELOW: During the war, because of gasoline shortages,  an unknown number of AECs were equipped to burn "Producer Gas".


ABOVE: Quite possibly the best colour photo of an AEC in existence, RM 9 near Fawkner, early 1950's
Photo Courtesy Noel Reed

Possibly at Somerton, date unknown

RM 16, and trailer, at Spencer Street for the centenary of railways display, Sept. 1954.

At Echuca, date unknown, with 2 trailers.

ABOVE: Another colour view of 9 RM, probably at Fawkner

BELOW: Interior view of an AEC railmotor
Photos courtesy VMRS collection.


ABOVE: Maryborough circa 1947 (photo courtesy Phil Dunn)


ABOVE: RM 10 with two trailers at Swan Hill circa 1947 (photo courtesy Phil Dunn)

ABOVE: RM 10 at Swan Hill circa 1947 (photo courtesy Phil Dunn)