D3 class 4-6-0

ABOVE: D3 679(?) Built as DD 1041 at Ballarat North Workshops using components from Thompsons Foundry Contract. Placed on register 11/05/1920. Re-numbered 749 05/1923. Re-built as D3 03/1930 and re-numbered 679. MFE 12/06/1937. Auto-coupled 14/11/1941. Cab operated blow off cock 13/09/1949. Off register and scrapped Bendigo North 19/11/1954.

The first D3, 685, was outshopped from Newport Workshops on 20/12/1929. It began life as DD 953 placed on the register on 27/05/1915. The DD had been re-boilered with a larger boiler that had a full width (broad gauge) grate resulting in increased area and heating surface and utilised K Class flanging dies for the throat plate and firebox rear. This resulted in a better steaming locomotive and a total of 94 D3 conversions from D1 and D2 locomotives were produced between 1929 and 1947. D3 locomotive operated throughout the VR system as all lines mixed traffic locomotives and in later years as shunting engines. The class were generally withdrawn from service by 1964. D3 683 was Commissioner’s locomotive from March 1937 to August 1950, D3 639 (first) until August 1956 and D3 639 (second ex 658) from August 1956 and this locomotive remains in enthusiast service. (Text and captions by Phil Dunn)


ABOVE: DD 1026 was built at Newport Workshops and was placed on the register 01/09/1917. Re-numbered 734 29/07/1925 and possibly superheated (Robinson). Converted to D3 690 (MLS superheater) and outshopped from Newport 15/06/1931fitted with a Pyle-National electric headlight for use on Mildura services. Outshopped from Bendigo North equipped with auto-couplers and MFE 15/07/1938. Off register and broken up 01/11/1957. Photo taken at North Melbourne, photographer unknown.

ABOVE: D3 659 in 1964. Built at Newport Workshops as DD 1016 and placed on register 21/11/1916. Re-built as Superheater DD and re-numbered 724 15/12/1925. Re-classified D2 1929. Re-built as D3 659 15/12/1934. Fitted with auto-coupled tender ex A2 850 16-01-1935 removed 11/03/1935. Fitted with auto-couplers 10/04/1942 and fitted with electric headlight 03/11/1952. Fitted with shunter’s steps. Off register 03/08/1964 and scrapped Ballarat North 06/10/1972 with 940,539 miles accrued.

ABOVE: The original D3 639 on a Port Melbourne goods at Flinders Street, April 1955. 
DD 1043 was built at Newport Workshops and placed on the register 08/10/1919 utilising components from the third Thompsons Foundry DD contract. Re-numbered 751 12/11/1924 and re-classified D2 10/1929. Re-built and outshopped as D3 639 with MFE and auto-couplers 21/10/1937. Fitted with electric light 03/08/1950 and with staff exchanger 25/08/1950. Re-numbered 658 13/07/1956. Off register and broken up Ballarat North 04/06/1958.  (photo courtesy Des Jowett)

ABOVE: D3 639 on a Commissioners special on the up side of Pimpinio, March 17 1959. 
DD 586 was built at Newport Workshops and placed on the register 11/12/1903. It was re-numbered 799 and outshopped from Newport with 19” cylinders and Robinson superheater 21/06/1927. It was re-classified D2 23/09/1931. Rebuilt as D3 658 and outshopped with MFE from Newport 22/12/1934. Fitted with auto-couplers 23/12/1938 and electric headlight 27/02/1953. Re-numbered 639 13/07/1956 and remains in service.  (photo courtesy Des Jowett)

ABOVE: D3 639 on an up Parlimentary special on the up side of Wail. May 28 1962. (photo courtesy Des Jowett)

ABOVE: The second D3 639 (originally 658) on an up goods between Horsham and Dooen, Dec 15 1962. (photo courtesy Des Jowett)

ABOVE: D3 688 on the up Swan Hill pass leaving Lake Boga, Oct 15 1959. DD 633 was built at Newport Workshops and was placed on the register 04/06/1912. Re-built as D3 688 13/02/1930. Fitted with MFE 23/06/1937 and auto-couplers 15/08/1941. Fitted with electric headlight and cab operated blow down 31/10/1949. Off register 28/03/1963 and sold to Swan Hill Cultural Appeal Committee. Number plates swapped with D3 640. (photo courtesy Des Jowett)

ABOVE: D3 673 at Spencer Street on a Way and Works Ballast Pilot on 2-11-1956. The Ballast Pilot worked around the Passenger Yard and Melbourne Yard taking material to where ever work needed to be done by the Yard Track gang. 
DD 1013 was built at Newport Workshops and was placed on the register 05/09/1916. It was equipped with a Schmidt superheater 30/04/1919 and was re-numbered 721 27/01/1923. Re-classified D2 18/10/1929. Re-built as D3 673 16/08/1932 and MFE equipped and fitted with auto-couplers 30/11/1939. Fitted with electric light, cab operated blow down and water treatment 26/03/1952. Shunter’s footboards fitted Bendigo North 08/11/1954. Off register and broken up Newport 15/08/1958.  (photo courtesy Des Jowett)