DDE D4 class 4-6-0

ABOVE: D4 285, Spencer Street, 1950s. Built as DDE 740 at Newport Workshops, placed on register 15/09/1909. Re-numbered 285 16/09/1925 and re-classified D4 4/1932. Auto-coupled 19/10/1953 North Melbourne Loco. Off register 22/02/1962 and scrapped Ballarat North 13/07/1962 with 1,005,385 miles accrued.

The DDE Pacific tank locomotives were introduced to Melbourne suburban service from 1908 (DDE 702 placed on the register 16/06/1908) and 58 were constructed by 1913. These tank derivatives were designed to allow straightforward conversion to tender engines when the Melbourne suburban system was converted to electric traction. DDs 701 to 705 (odd numbers only) were placed in service as heavy shunting engines with shunters steps and lever reverse instead of screw reverse. When displaced from Melbourne suburban passenger service the DDE s were utilised in limited “outer suburban” operation eg Frankston – Stony point and more generally as shunting engines based at North Melbourne and country locations. DDE/D4 locomotives were based on occasion at Geelong, Warrnambool, Ararat, Stawell, Dimboola, Maryborough, Ballarat, Bendigo, Warragul, Traralgon and State Mine. Three (257,258 and 282) were superheated and a number were fitted with cowcatchers at the smokebox end when used in outer suburban passenger service. The introduction to service of F diesel electric from the early 1950s and W Class diesel hydraulic locomotives from the early 1960s resulted in only six surviving into the 1960s and D4 285 was the last locomotive withdrawn from the Register in July 1962.


ABOVE: DDE262, circa 1925. Madden collection SLV

ABOVE: DDE 734. Built at Newport Workshops and placed on register 12/08/1909. Re-numbered 265 28/02/1925. Re-classified D4 1929. Fitted with auto-couplers 17/03/1942. Off register and scrapped Newport 09/11/1956.

ABOVE: DDE 796 was built at Newport Workshops and placed on the register 20/12/1910. Off register and scrapped Newport 29/06/1926. Photo taken at Newport Workshops of new loco being weighed.

ABOVE & BELOW: :DDE 282 was built at Newport Workshops and was placed on the register 19/05/1909. It was renumbered 282 04/11/1925 and outshopped from Newport Workshops having been fitted with a Robinson superheater. It was outshopped from Newport Workshops 19/12/1936 with a saturated boiler and probably shunters' steps. Off register 29/10/1951. When running as a superheated engine cowcatcher fitted at smokebox end.


ABOVE: Almost at the end of its 40+ year career, D4  252 at the loco depot coal stage at Warragul on Jan 1 1953. DDE 705 was built at Newport and placed on the register 25/11/1911. It was fitted with handrails, footboards and lever reverse from new as a shunting engine. It was re-numbered 252 and fitted with a second C Class air pump and outshopped 13/08/1925. Re-classified D4 1929. Second air pump removed 11/1933. Fitted with cab operated blow down cock and straight air brake 15/11/1949 (note blow down steam exhaust pipe on cab.) Off register and broken up Newport 28/04/1954.  (photo courtesy Des Jowett)

ABOVE: D4 267 is on the North Melbourne Car & Wagon Workshops to Newport Workshops Transfer train leaving the Melbourne Yard on 17-5-1960. This transfer train ran Tuesdays and Thursdays taking vehicles between the two workshops. DDE 746 was built at Newport Workshops and placed on the register 30/10/1909. Re-numbered 267 04/07/1923. Auto-couplers fitted 06/09/1954. Off register and broken up at Newport 13/07/1960 with 949,419 miles accrued.  (photo courtesy Des Jowett)

ABOVE: DDE 735 was built at Newport Workshops and placed on the register 16/05/1913. Re-numbered 280 07/06/1924 when outshopped from a Thorough at Newport fitted with two air pumps. Re-classified D4 09/11/1931. Fitted with auto-couplers 02/06/1954. Off register and scrapped 14/12/1956. (photo courtesy Des Jowett.)