Kerr Stuart steam motor car


This "one off" vehicle comprised a vertical boiler built by the Kerr Stuart & Co. in Stoke-On-Trent, England which was installed in a body built at Newport workshops. Officially known as "Motor Car No 3" it entered service Jan 25 1913. It must have been a total disaster as it reportedly only ran for 50,000 miles before being withdrawn. There is an unsourced story that it replaced a McKeen car on the Warrnambool to Hamilton service while the McKeen car was in for repair, the Kerr Stuart broke down immediately and the line was without passenger service for several weeks. It was reportedly scrapped at Newport in 1927.

ABOVE: At an unknown location during its very short career.


ABOVE: The Kerr Stuart car at Newport, perhaps waiting to be scrapped. 

ABOVE: T 322 at Sth Dynon loco Aug 23 1983.


ABOVE: Noted VR modeller Frank Kelly's superb 4mm scale model of the Kerr Stuart.