M class diesel hydraulic locomotives

These two locos were built at Newport workshops in April 1959 and spent their entire VR lives as shunting locos at Newport workshops.
They were powered by a GM 6-71 6 cylinder engine producing 150 hp. They were equipped with an Ellison TC 500 hydraulic transmission.
In Jan. 1981 M 232 was sold to a private company and hauled gypsum trains where it ran on the private line from Nowingi to the gypsum loader
at 16 miles on the former Millewa South line. That line closed in Nov. 1987. Both locos still exist at Newport.

Des Jowett writes with the following observations about the M class:
I remember one of the Warragul Drivers telling me about the trial of M 231 as the Warragul Pilot. It was unable lift the rakes of
coal and briquette wagons to make up the “Up” roadside goods and steam returned. According to “Divisional Diary”
July 1960 Item 1374: M 231 replaced D3 680 on 3-6-1960. D3 680 returned as the Pilot on 7-6-1960.

ABOVE: M 231 shunts at Neowport workshops, Sept. 1973
official VR photo

ABOVE & BELOW: M 231 at Newport workshops, May 1981.

ABOVE: The two M's and F 216 at Newport workshops, Aug. 1978

ABOVE: M 232 at the Gypum loader, June 1991
photo courtesy Bruce McLean