NA class steam locomotives 2' 6" gauge
wheel arrangement: 2-6-2
Baldwin U.S.A. built classleader NA 1 is shown on the turntable at Moe, date unknown.
Number in Class 17
Number group 1 - 17
Construction period 1898 - 1915
In service 1898 - present
Where built USA, Newport
Tractive effort 12,168 lb

General Arrangement diagrams



The first two NA's were built by the Baldwin Locomotive works in the U.S.A. in 1898 and were used in the construction of the first narrow gauge (2' 6") Wangaratta to Whitfield line. Newport then built 15 more to a similar design. Apart from the two later G class garrett's, the NA's were the sole motive power on the 4 narrow gauge lines.
Builder On Register Disposition
1 Baldwin Oct. 1898 Scrapped, March 1929
2 Baldwin Feb. 1898 Scrapped, April 1929
3 Newport April 1900 PBR
4 Newport June 1900 Scrapped, Sep. 1929
5 Newport March 1901 Scrapped, July 1958
6 Newport July 1901 PBR (in service)
7 Newport May 1905 PBR(in service)
8 Newport March 1908 PBR (in service)
9 Newport Jan. 1910 Scrapped, April 1954
10 Newport June 1911 Scrapped, May 1945
11 Newport Nov. 1911 Scrapped, Oct 1953
12 Newport Oct. 1912 PBR (in service)
13 Newport April 1914 Scrapped, Sep 1958
14 Newport June 1914 PBR (in service)
15 Newport March 1915 Scrapped, May 1954
16 Newport June 1915 Scrapped, June 1936
17 Newport April 1916 Scrapped, Sept 1953

PBR = Puffing Billy Railway


NA 2 at Wangaratta, date unknown.

To transport equipment between the main workshop at Newport and the narrow gauge lines the locos were fitted with broad gauge bogies. NA 1 is seen here at Moe in 1913. In 1926 a special Q wagon, number 129 was built to transport narrow gauge rollingstock, in the photo below we see NA 2 loaded onto a fairly new Q 129 at Newport circa 1926. From the looks of things NA 2 is being returned to Newport for repairs, note the chalk words on the side tanks. I'm glad that the steam dome cover didn't fall off and hit someone on the head!

NA 15 showing the coal bunker end, date and location unknown.

NA 6 on diamond frame transfer bogies prior to the construction of Q 129.

NA 6 photographed Sept. 30 1972
Photo courtesy John Ward

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